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Lisa Buyer
Lisa Buyer

Lisa Buyer is an Entrepreneur, author of Social PR Secrets, a
certified yoga instructor and owner of The Buyer Group, a Social PR
Agency. Lisa enters the virtual reality world with her yoga mat and
headset to lead yoga and mediation classes, and to bring health and
wellness immersive experiences to the digital world. Her latest project
Digital Detox Secrets is a book focused on creating space for
opportunity and alignment in our personal, family and work life.

Kevin Kowalski
Kevin Kowalski

Kevin Kowalski is a Computer Scientist working on VR technology
and in 2017 he completed a RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training in an
alignment-oriented tradition. His aim is to create technology that
blends the physical and digital worlds to create more realistic
human relationships. When he isn’t on the mat or wearing an HMD,
he enjoys spending time in nature and with family.

Kim Montenegro
Kim Montenegro

Kim Montenegro has been an ordained minister for over ten years.
Her true spiritual passion is guiding people through the birth experience
as a doula and trained Reiki Master.  Live a happier, healthier, more
mindful life in just a handful of minutes of meditation with the incredible

Jeremy Nickel
Jeremy Nickel

Jeremy Nickel is the CEO and founder of Evolvr.US read his full bio on the About Page